The Cornerstone Bakery & Restaurant

Available at the Cornerstone Bakery but not through online ordering.

All pastry freshly baked on premises. Majority of all pastry made from scratch.

* Apple Squares       * Apple Raisin Squares       * Raisin Squares       * Lemon Squares      * Fig Squares
* Chocolate Chip Cookies          * M &M Cookies          * Sugar Cookies          * Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
* Peanut butter Cookies          * Whoopi Pies          * Cream Horns          * Macaroons          * E' Clairs
* Cinnamin Twists          * Cinnamin Twists w/nuts          * Apple Turnovers          * Rasberry Turnovers
* Blueberry Turnovers          * Apple Dumplings          * Eccles Cakes          * Napoleons          * Brownies
* Quesada's (custard cups)          * Carrot Cake Squares          * Blondies          *Grapenut Pudding
* Rice Pudding (regular or made w/sweet n Low)          *Pumpkin Squares (during the fall season only)
* Blueberry Muffin          * Corn Muffin         * Coffee Cake  Muffin        * Cupcakes       * Donuts       
MALLASSADAS!!!          * Plain Sugar Mallassadas (available Tuesday through Sunday ....Unless Ordered) 
                                                           * Jelly Filled Mallassadas (Available on weekends or by order)         
                                               * Apple Filled Mallassadas (Available on weekends or by order)
                                              * Cinnamin Sugar  Mallassadas (Available on weekends or by order)
                                              * Bavarian Creme Mallassadas (Available on weekends or by order)

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